St. Rick
Harmonica, Lead Vocals, Kazoo

St. Rick

St.Rick, frontman/singer/songwriter/harmonica master, formed the four man band in 1990.

His blues background began in childhood while listening to his parents rehearse their folk music trio. They played the Cleveland area for many years and other family members are still in the music business. According to St.Rick, he didn't choose to play the harmonica, it chose him! Says Rick, "When I realized that I could play, I liked it so much that I played until my lips bled!"

Some of his musical influences are Lil' Walter, John Mayall, Kim Wilson, Paul Butterfield, and Rick Estrin just to name a few.

St. Rick plays...
a vintage Astatic bullet type harp microphone and a Blues Blaster by Hohner, Fender Bassman amp, Marcus Young Tremoverb, and a Honey Bee wireless system. He also uses Hohner special 20 harps and packs them in a Fender harp case.

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